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Quality Gun Dogs

Kimmel's Epagneul   Bretons

Kimmel's Epagneul Bretons in Grass Lake Michigan seek to breed top quality gun dogs that are also great family members.

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cora and Umber.jpg

Well, the pups from July have all moved on to their new homes, with their new humans, ready for adventure and loads of fun... and lots of learning!!  Please contact Kathleen if you have any questions and want to talk dogs!

Kimmel's Epagneul Bretons


Born 7/21/2023, they will be ready to head to their forever homes the second week of September

tri roan 1.jpg

Wayyyy too long since I have updated!!

Tri pups are available in both male and female, though we only have a total of 3 females.

tri roan 2.jpg
bw r.jpg

We have one of each , a male and a female, who are black and white roan.

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cora's pups 2_26 jpeg.jpg

Kimmel's Epagneul Bretons: We have a litter upcoming, again with Cora and Jasper. We have taken 4 deposits, and will take 3 more, with the possibility of more still depending on numbers. Due date is July 25.  An x-ray is scheduled for July 14 to try to better determine numbers.

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cora ceb 22.jpg

Cora received her CEB-US National Conclave conformation certificate

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Cora at 2022 Nationals

Carcajou's Presque'ile de Corazon TAN photo cred Amy Dearden Kleine - Steelhorse Studios


Waiting her turn...

Flaps up!!

Getting serious...

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cora's pups 2_26 jpeg_edited.jpg

Kimmel's Epagneul Bretons are proud to announce the birth of the T1 litter!!

Born to Carcajou's Presque'ile de Corazon TAN x GUN CH NBOB Jasper Hites Mississippi on February 26, 2022, 10 pups- 4 bw females, 2 liver males, 4 bw males. At least 1 of the bw pups will be tri, many of them will be roan. We have taken 8 deposits on this liter, and will take 2 more. Please contact Kathleen for more information.

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Winter 2021/22 T Litter

Kimmel's EB's are happy to announce the breeding of Carcajou's Presqu'Ile de Corazon TAN (Ciel d'Yorks Paula x GCHF Jonah sur le Delavan TAN WRT) and GUN2 CH NBOB Jasper Hites Mississippi TAN WRT (Gun Diva Hites Mississippi TAN x Gun Bordet Hites Mississippi TAN) December 28, 2021 Due date is March 1, 2022. We have taken 6 deposits on this litter, and will take no more at this time. An ultrasound is scheduled January 20 to determine approximate number, and if more deposits can be taken.

cora hearth_edited.jpg
jasper running.jpg
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Carcajou's Presqu 'Ile de Corazon



Photo cred Jimmy Cobb

Cora earned her TAN at the 2020 National Elevage at H Cooper Black Trial Grounds. It was a fantastic venue, with beautiful South Carolina piney woods!

Cora is UKC and AKC registered

OFA Good hips

 Cora is Embark tested: no dysplasia, ay, or aw sable.

cora tan_edited.jpg

Please contact me for Cora's pedigree

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As a Breeder, I work hard to find the best match possible for our females.  It is important to me that the sire be multi skilled... wild birds, field trials, family

Jasper gun 2.jpg

Titles and recognition

GUN 2 means Jasper has won multiple titles

Jasper has excelled in field trials, earning the GUN 2, Champion, and National Best of Breed 2019 at the National Elevage as well as his TAN and WRT

Please contact me for pedigree

Conformation C-1 Excellent

Recognition by the CEB-US

Jasper is recognized by the Honorable UCK appointed judge, Ange Franchi as being C-1 Excellent in conformation

Also, OFA Excellent on his hips

jasper c 1 exc.jpg
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Jasper's Pedigree

jasper ukc ped 1 jpeg.jpg

Jasper's Breeding

Jasper's breeders, Jeff and Angie Hites have been at the EB game for a long time. Located in southern Illinois, they have worked hard to breed multiple generations of excellent gun dogs.

UKC Pedigree

Jasper's lineage includes long time and successful French kennels such as Keranlouan, Kerveillant, and du Hameau du Sorny.

jasper ped 2 jpeg_edited.jpg
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Our Summer 2021 S litter

whelped 5/30/2021


Dam: Odile de Carcajou TAN (Ciel d'Yorks Paula x Link du Talon de Goudron TAN WRT)
Sire: Ozzy de Plum Creek TAN WRT (Firefox de Plum Creek x Indy du Bois Courcol)

Odile de Carcajou whelped 9 healthy puppies May, 30, 2021... on her own exact birthday, which is pretty cool!! Puppies and momma are all doing well. 3 orange and white girls, 3 orange and white boys, 1 tri black, white and orange girl, 2 tri black white and orange boys.

Pups will be available the first week of August.

As of 7/5/21 we have taken 7 deposits, 2 deposits are available on this litter.

Please contact Kathleen if you have any questions


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Odile de Carcajou TAN

Ciel D'York's Paula x Link du Talon de Goudron TAN WRT
Deely is the next step in our breeding program


Conformation Evaluation

Oct. 2019 Sauk Rapids, MN

...Head planes good, nice top line, good rear and front angulation... R. Lefebvre Confirmateur

deely 2.jpg

Let's hunt!!

Deely has been introduced to pheasant, chukar, and quail... hopefully soon to add grouse and woodcock to that list....

Deely and her papa, Link, checking out the day's take.

deely 4.jpg

Field trials are fun!!

Milaca, MN

Deely has participated in a number of field trials and specialty shows over the last couple years. She loves the adventure and social aspects!

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deely snow.jpg

About Me

I like running through fields and woods.... I love to hunt for birds... and, mice, and rabbits... I like playing  in water, and with my momma, daddy, and brother and sister, but I especially like cuddling with my humans!

Home: About

My humans make sure I have the paperwork to back up my style and beauty!!

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Get to Know Me

Ozzy de Plum Creek TAN WRT

Ozzy is a fine young dog out of Plum Creek Kennels. Karin Lee Fournier and Greg Fournier of Fournier French Brittanys in South Eastern Wisconsin have agreed for Ozzy to be sire to our Deely's Spring 2021 "S" litter.  They have had two successful ties, and we will expect pupppies the first week of June. We are super happy to see what this young couple produce. At this time we have taken all available deposits for this litter, and we will have more information once we have done an ultrasound for confirmation.


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Ozzy has a very nice point, and a really nice pedigree to go with it. Out of Indy du Bois Courcol and Firefox de Plum Creek; behind them stand some wonderful French and Irish lineage.

ozzy point.jpg
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Ozzy de Plum Creek
OFA Excellent

ozzy ofa.jpg
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Gotcha Days...Sweet, yet sad

It's always a ton of work, and every minute is a blessing...When it's finally time to have them go home, I am sure that I have done my best to make them as ready as they can be for life's adventures!


Putting Your Pet First

I love to see the happy, excited faces of the new owners!

Responsible & Reliable

She already knows who her new Momma is!!

The Best for Your Pet

When you come to get your new family member, you know that they have been socialized with other dogs, cats, big people and small people

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As a breeder Of Epagneul Breton dogs, it is my responsibility to try to provide the very best nurturing environment with just enough adventure and new and different sights, sounds, and smells so the pups are inquisitive and not fearful of new situations and people.


Watching the big dogs play is fascinating!!

On their way north of Alpena!!


Super happy humans, Super happy pups!!

Miss Pepper AKA Rosemarie de Carcajou heading off for adventures!!

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R Litter- DOB 8/26/2020


8 puppies...6 female, 2 male

3 b, w, o females, 3 o and w females, one of each for the boys

Paula did an awesome job with the birth- started just before 9 pm, and was all done by 4 am...Momma and babies are doing well.

Paula does a fabulous job taking care of them

Responsible & Reliable

There's always a worry with the new borns... wanting to be sure all are healthy and getting the nutrition they need... At this time, Momma gets extra... salmon, chicken, cottage cheese, and puppy kibble for extra, needed calories.

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ABD - Right Lat.jpg

R litter Due August 25, 2020

Repeat breeding Ciel d'York's Paula x GCHF Jonah sur le Delavan TAN WRT

All deposits have been taken on this litter of what looks like 8 or 9 pups. Contact us for information on next spring's planned litter.

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Paula x Jonah "P" Litter

Born June 29, 2019, these little guys are so much fun!  Smart, rambunctious, engaged, and mischievous; everything you want in a pup!


The "P" litter, 6 weeks


Petrie and Cora

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P litter born June 29, 2019
3 orange and white males, 3 black white and orange females, and one black white and orange male. Paula and pups are doing great!

p litter 5 days.jpg
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"P" litter Due June 25,2019

Ciel d'York's Paula x GCHF Jonah sur le Delavan TAN WRT

Super excited about this pairing!
Paula, OFA Excellent, C-1 Excellent conformation and GCHF Jonah sur le Delavan TAN WRT , OFA Good, C-1 Excellent conformation 
Plese call, email or text for more information!

p litter ultra 3.jpg
Home: About

Paula: Tri Black White and Orange with excellent breeding from Ciel d'York's in West Virginia. She has some strong lineage, including du Hyalite stateside, Irish Cliathan and Pairknaglos, and French Buisson de Choisel and du Bois Courcol, to name a few. C-1 Excellent conformation at 2018 CEB National Elevage.  OFA Excellent on the hips.

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pedigree Paula ed 2.png

Paula's Pedigree

Paula from Ciel d'York's Kennel in West Virginia which has produced some fine dogs of excellent lineage. There are a good amount of officially recognized dogs, with ton's of natural ability in the field.

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GCHF Jonah sur le Delavan TAN WRT

Sire to Paula's 2019 P litter, due June 25, 2019, Jonah is a well established field trial, hunting, and family dog. Jonah has an excellent pedigree, with sire GRCH GRCHF Vernon de l'Escarbot TAN and dam CH GRCHF Ferme sur le Delavan TAN WRT (Lucy)

jonah field.jpeg
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links head shot683099982368_n.jpg

Link du Talon de Goudron

Tri Black, White, and Orange

Link is an awesomely birdy dog with a huge heart, and much love. The father of our O litter, he is from Carolina Brittanys in North Carolina, with a stellar lineage including sire Iggins des Marais du Piat, kennels des Landes du Pech, du Hameau de Sorny, du Mas d'Eryaud among others from France, and Italian Erik del Pellegrinotti.  OFA Good on the hips.

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pedigree link_edited.png

Link's Pedigree

Much time and effort was spent by Link's breeder at Carolina Brittanys to produce a fantastic litter. Many in Link's lineage are recognized for their distinction in the field and at trials and shows.

Home: About

Link did really well in his first Specialty Show at the Heart of the Prairie Pointing Gun Dog Club's conformation competition, placing first in two, with two Best of Variety Males, and two Reserve Best Male.

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conformation results.jpg


Conformation Evaluation

Link and Paula both participated in the CEB-US Nationals 2018 Conformation Evaluation where their individual characteristics were judged against the breed standard. Paula received the highest rating of Excellent (C-1)and Link the second highest of Very Good (C-2).

Home: About

Paula actually went and stole this bird from Link after he knocked it down and had it in his mouth... She does not like to be outdone:)

paulas bird.jpg
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Contact Me


PO Box 677
Grass Lake, MI 49240    USA


Kathleen Kimmel

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“Kimmel's Epagneul Bretons would like to acknowledge the photography of Jimmy Cobb of North Carolina. The head shots of Link and Paula, the bird in the mouth, and the home page photograph are examples of his fine work!

Kathleen and Tom Kimmel

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May 31, 2018 Litter

4 Orange and White females, 4 Tri males, and 2 Tri females

Ciel d'York's Paula and Link du Talon de Goudron welcome their litter of 10, yes, 10 puppies to the world of the French Brittany! They will be ready to go to their forever homes around the third week in July.  Contact Kathleen for more information.

first litter.jpg
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Answers To All Your Questions

Home: FAQ

What does a puppy cost?

We take a $200 as a deposit to reserve a puppy of the sex of your choice with the option to choose any puppy that hasn't already been reserved if the color of the sex chosen is not to your liking.  Once a contract has been agreed to and signed, the balance due on the puppy will be $1,100 on pick-up.

What if I'm not able to keep my puppy?

If something comes up not under your control, and you can not keep the dog, we will take it back less any veterinary costs and work to find a suitable home for the dog,

Does the $1300 cover everything??

Yes. It covers tail docking and the first round of vaccinations, microchipping, and a 12 month guarantee on your puppy that it will be free of genetic abnormalities such as hip dysplasia. If there is an issue we will work with you to resolve it according to the contract. We choose not to remove dew claws unless they are unattached by tendons . There is evidence that they actually use them in agility activities, and can cause arthritis pain in later years.

Links first day jpeg.jpg

More FAQs

Home: FAQ

Do you train puppies/dogs?

No, not right now. But we can recommend some great resources for you! The pup will be well socialized with people and animals, and ready to become part of your family.

When will my puppy be ready for pick-up?

The puppies will be ready by the time they are 8 to 10 weeks old, at breeder discretion. Once you get them home, the more time you spend with them and the more situations you expose them to the better. If this is your first puppy we highly recommend some expert training for you and your puppy.

What if I am not able to come pick up the puppy?

Then we would arrange to get the puppy to you for a max fee of $400, possibly less if you are not far away. This would cover travel and transportation costs, as well as an appropriate kennel.

akc_ulc pic.jpg

Registration Questions

Home: FAQ

Are your dogs fully registered?

Yes, they have full registration with the AKC and the UKC. The AKC registration will remain restricted until the new owner has demonstrated an intention to breed, and has had hips checked and other steps to demonstrate good faith. We have signed the Club d'Epagneul Breton of the United States Breeder's Pledge ensuring them of our promise to abide by their guidelines in maintaining the breed's integrity.

How will my puppy be registered?

Your puppy will be registered with the AKC and the UKC. Your puppy's AKC registration will be restricted until you have indicated a desire to have registered puppies of your own, and have proven that you are willing to abide by the CEB-US Breeder requirements


What I Offer

Dog Grooming

Pet Grooming

Putting Your Pet First

Regardless of your pet’s breed, age or behavior, each of my services can be curated to fit their specific needs — no matter how unique. My Pet Grooming service is one of my specialties and is often booked well in advance.

Pet Training

Responsible & Reliable

My Pet Training service allows you to make sure your pet is well taken care of, even when you’re not around. I offer this for all sizes and breeds. Reserve my time and relax knowing your pet is in the best possible hands.

Girl with Dogs
Taking the dog for a walk

Pet Sitting

The Best for Your Pet

Don’t feel guilty about leaving your pet alone. My Pet Sitting service gives your pet maximum care, even when you can’t be there. This is one of my most popular services and fills up fast. Get in touch to book a session today.

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